NES Collection Agency - They won't stop calling!

Charlotte, North Carolina 1 comment

This company keeps calling my home although the person who defaulted doesn't live here.When you advise them of such, they say they'll remove your number, but they don't.

It's sickening to arrive home from work and have numerous messages left as well. Most of the time, people (relatives) that you see maybe TWICE A YEAR might supply your number as a contact, and you are not even aware that they have until a default occurs.

I just want this company to know that I don't deserve to have these bothersome calls while I'm winding down in the

evening.It the person doesn't live here, PLEASE leave me be!

Review about: Calling Wrong Person.


Columbia, Kentucky, United States #766400

If someone gave out your number and then defaulted on a loan, when they call and ask for that person, say "hold on a minute", put the phone down and forget about it for awhile.They will eventually get tired and hang up.

Just keep doing this everytime someone calls asking for the deadbeat.Or, you could blow a whistle into the receiver when they call.

NES Collection Agency - NES bullied an elderly woman into paying $13,000

Columbia, South Carolina 2 comments
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A very rude, threatening man badgered my mother into paying $13,000 on a student loan her granddaughter defaulted on.Fortunately I was able to stop the transaction but the strong arm tactics used to scare an elderly woman into paying on a defaulted loan that was not hers are beneath contempt.

Sallie Mae "discharged" the loan to collection.

My poor mom was coerced into co-signing a loan for her granddaughter who has defaulted on the loan and thrown her grandmother under the bus.Sadly, companies like NES value tactics like this and have no regard for people they threaten.



This boils my blood...if you co-sign, you are equally liable.

Strong-arm tactics, especially on the elderly, are beneath contempt, but if a person incurs a debt, they should honour it.Focus on the actual instance of wrong-doing here, rather than whining that a person who signed a contract won't keep their word.


Do you understand the word "co-sign" is, so go ahead pay it.

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